Activities To Add Excitement To Your Wedding

Though your wedding day is an exciting moment for you, it can be tricky to keep your guests entertained for the duration of it. Nothing is worse than bored guests so you will want to make sure that they are just as excited as you are.

One way to give them something to do is to provide an interactive food station. Hungry guests are just as bad as bored guests so having something interactive such as a make your own “blank” station will give them something to do and fill their stomachs at the same time.

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If it is in your wedding budget to do so you can also add excitement to your wedding by having a wine and/or beer tasting during the reception. An expert in either wine or beer can arm your guests with facts and trivia about the adult beverages being served. This is a great way to bring together guests that may not know each other on a personal level.

An evening wedding reception is the perfect opportunity to take your guests outside for a bonfire. Everyone can relax, roast s’mores, enjoy a drink and take in their surroundings. Be sure to mention this to your guests in advance of the wedding so they can come prepared with anything they might want to roast over the fire.

No matter what time of day your wedding is, it will include a guest book. Instead of a standard one you can get creative and provide your guests with wedding themed Mad Libs and other word games. This allows guests to entertain themselves and leaves you with more memories of your big day than a standard guest book would.

Few wedding receptions don’t include time for your guests to hit the dance floor and show off their moves. Rather than just having everyone dance individually, have your wedding party or DJ organize a dance contest. Choosing a song or songs everyone knows and can dance to easily can be the perfect way for your guests to enjoy a little bit of the spotlight on your big day. You can even have non- participating guests vote for the dance moves they like the best. It is even better if you can provide a small prize of some kind for the guest that gets the most votes for their dance.

Don’t forget how impactful your wedding favors can be during your reception; they can be a great activity for your guests! Something as simple as ribbon wands or bubbles can make your reception into something much more exciting for your guests. You can even hand out sparklers for your guests to use at some point in the night, just make sure you buy ones that are made specifically for weddings. Just find the best website to buy wedding sparklers and order from them to ensure they perform well during your celebration.

Along the same lines, if your guests aren’t shy, have a karaoke machine fired up and ready to go. When the time is right, ask willing guests to sing the song of their choice. You could choose to keep the song selection limited to romantic ballads fit for a wedding day or use a genre of music that you know most of your guests like.

There are so many ways to get creative and make your wedding a more exciting experience for everyone. Any idea that gets your guests enthused and adds to the big day is something that can make your wedding the most unforgettable event ever.