Bulk up with Crazy Bulk

Bulking up seems to be all the craze right now, especially in men. Bodybuilding gyms are always fully packed with six-packs and six-pack hopefuls, working out to push up muscle weight. But muscle building does not only entail rigorous gym hours. It also involves proper diet, including protein intake, calculating calories and fats.

But this lifestyle is so addictive that some people want better results faster. Some just succumb to the temptation of taking anabolic steroids, which are known to promote protein synthesis, to aid in increasing muscle mass.

Why Steroids are Harmful

Although they are used to treat problems like late puberty and also to make up for massive muscle loss in Cancer and AIDS patients, self-prescribing may be harmful for you.

Since steroids causes testosterone levels to increase, they are often associated with aggressive behavior. High doses can affect the brain and cause psychotic syndromes and anxiety. It is also highly possible to cause sleep disturbance, paranoia and depression.

Since steroids behave like male hormones, complaints of getting facial hair for women are common, as well as developing deeper voices. It also causes the breasts to shrink in size and may cause a formation of breast tissue under the nipples that may require surgery.

High levels of testosterone affect the skin, causing severe acne and baldness in both males and females. It causes the hair follicles to shrink, and eventually die out, leading to permanent baldness.

Taking steroids also causes abnormalities in testes function and may eventually lead to impotence.

Steroids also affect other important organs like the heart, kidneys and livers. An increase of total cholesterol levels causes it to build up on the walls of blood vessels, which may lead to stroke. Damages to the kidneys and liver may also be fatal.

Safer Alternatives

One cannot truly get into the bodybuilding world without taking some sort of steroid/supplement. But the negative side effects they may cause is reason enough to avoid them. This is where Crazy Bulk comes in.

Crazy Bulk uses alternatives to the harmful ingredients and compounds found in other brands. These alternatives are safe for human intake, legal to possess and produce similar results to that of illegal steroids.

It produces fast visible results. It is available online and you don’t need a prescription for it. Best of all, it does not cause any harmful side effects.

No matter how you would like your body to look like, it is important that you keep it healthy. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.