The Important Things Your Saliva Does

For ages, people have been treating saliva as something disgusting or as something that is not needed. This is wrong in many levels. Saliva is very essential to your life and there are many things you cannot do without it. Well, it wouldn’t be there if it was not needed, would it? There are many benefits of having healthy saliva like fuelling up your sex drive and others. Some have already been proven and some still need to be studied.

Here are some of the things you saliva does for you and other people to make life a little more colourful.

It can provide you information about yourself

Information like the drugs you used may be seen in a saliva 10 panel drug test. It can give you valuable health diagnosis, too. It can say if you are having depression, gum problems, and even determine if you have stones in your saliva glands. It can also determine your age and what kind of food you have been eating the past few days. It is a treasure trove of information that can be used in aiding investigations and doctors.

It can relieve pain

There have been reports that saliva natural cools down the pain you feel. Remember the saying that you should lick your wounds? It turns out that the saying is actually true as saliva is six times better than morphine. In addition, it is free and does not cost anything to produce! Just make sure you drink a lot of water to ensure the consistency of your saliva is still healthy.

Without it, you cannot taste.

Saliva helps you taste the goodness of all food you eat by helping break down the molecules. These food molecules need to be carried by saliva for you to be able to distinguish the different tastes. This is the reason why people who have dry mouths have a hard time knowing what the taste is like. Saliva also keeps the taste buds in shape. Imagine not being able to taste anything. That will surely be a sad thing.

It fends off the bad bacteria

Aside from being a pain killer, it can also destroy the bad bacteria that may come from different elements. It keeps your gums, teeth, and tongue clean and safe from harm and keeps it that way. However, to do this efficiently, you must have the correct amount of saliva.