Learn From This Story: A Saliva Drug Test Kit Can Help!

My name is Williams, and I am an ordinary citizen of the United States. I feel like sharing my story of getting a job at a well-known company which offered by a position but had drug testing policy at the early stages of recruitment. So, I am the only son of my parents, and we are Christians, but my parents were somewhat strict. I was a reserved student at my early age, which never did any drugs. However, when I went to college, I did start drinking which became an addiction, about which I did not know, like many people of my age, who do not realize when a drug becomes an addiction.


Anyway the moment I got a job offer in the final year of my college, I was really happy and so were my parents who were about to feel proud of their son. But when I came to know about their drug testing policy, I became nervous. I just wandered that may be the drug test can be positive because I drink too much.

Worried and depressed silently, I searched on Google and came across many oral drug tests carried out in companies and the kits they use.  I found a ray of hope and purchased a saliva drug test kit which seemed pretty popular to me from its reviews and ease of procedure involved. Following the instructions as written clearly on the menu, I performed the alcohol drug test, knowing that I had drunk some shots last night. And as I was getting nervous before the results, I came to know that they are positive.


The situation was alarming to me since I did not want to disappoint my parents and myself. I came to know by this test that I am addicted, and thus consulted a doctor, who luckily advised me to reduce the amount of alcohol I consume and restrict it to one or 2 glass per week. I started to follow the doctor’s advice, secretly from my parents and two weeks back the interview and company assessment, and it worked. It was difficult in start but I reduced the use of alcohol by my will power and when I performed the test gain at home, it turned out to be negative.

Thus the same negative results came at the company and I got this job. I hope this gives you a ray of hope too and to any parents reading this.