Modafinil Help College Students Study Well?

Can you make use of Modafinil as a study drug? Is it going to give you that extra edge you have been looking for to complete your assignments or projects? It has been found via a latest study that modafinil has turned out to be more effective that methylphenidate when it comes to higher brain functions and improving wakefulness.


College students have long used such aids that help them write papers, study and complete their projects. Oftentimes students feel that they require the extra mental energy. The most talked about study drug is obviously caffeine, whether it is in the form of tea, coffee or cola drinks. Of course, many college students consume caffeine drinks on a regular basis, so come crunch time, these drinks perhaps do not make the desired impact as their body has become very much used to it.

One conventional study drug from decades ago was methamphetamine or amphetamine. This drug basically helped people stay awake, but there were issues. Dosing was generally unknown and users got overstimulated. Sometimes when the drug wore off, the users felt a ‘crash’. Such drugs are also extremely addictive and had negative side effects. They are also prohibited and are not available without a prescription and sometimes not even available in pure form even with a prescription.


  • Adderall has been very popular when it comes to the study drugs. It is commonly used prescription drug for attention deficit disorder as well as narcolepsy. It surely helps treat similar conditions as Modafinil and causes similar effects. Chemically, Adderall drug is a blend of four dextroamphetamine salts. Each of the four salts has different half-life in the body, so the effect is extensive and users are very less likely to experience the crashes and highs of conventional street amphetamines and only component drugs. On the other hand, there are potential side effects from this dosage and form of amphetamine.
  • Ritalin is just another stimulant employed in treatment of attention deficit disorder, and it is also consumed as a study drug. Many college students started taking Ritalin, and have been using it for years and have continuous access to it. Just as caffeine, Ritalin gives a lot of extra boost to all those who do not consume it habitually.
  • Modafinil is a study drug that is available just by prescription and it is approved only for specific medical conditions. It is not ethical for physicians to prescribe Modafinil to help college students do better in college or take only during special times. However, there are reports from college newspapers of people using this drug for only this purpose. Buy Modafinil at

Modafinial helps improves brain functions in different ways, including episodic memory and working memory, along with other processes that are dependent on cognitive control and prefrontal cortex.