MTMP—A Powerful Learning And Networking Event For Plaintiff Attorneys

Underlining the purpose of Mass Tort Media Perfect (MTMP)

The MTMP or Mass Tort Made Perfect was founded in the year 2001 by Mike Papantonio and John Morgan with an aim to provide extraordinary vision and learning tool to the plaintiff attorneys for better application of mass tort lawsuits. The founders of MTMP were accomplished and highly experienced trail lawyers and took an initiative to promote the stance of the plaintiffs regarding their mass tort claims. The unique resources, collective experience and expertise along with the strategic insight of the professionally equipped spokesmen are combined in the mass tort made perfect conference/seminar.

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The Mass Tort Made Perfect (MTMP) conference/seminar is a legal gathering of the attorneys, law firms and legal practitioners which is held twice a year in the months of April and October. The goal-oriented and ambitious attorneys from different parts of the world become a part of this conference for learning advanced methods in the light of mass tort lawsuits.

Mass Tort Litigation & MTMP

The mass tort litigation is actually referred to a specific category of the personal injury law. The mass torts are the collective claims of the plaintiffs against the corporate companies and businesses that are liable to the specific personal injuries. Most of the times the mass tort claims are related to the defective products, affecting the health of the larger portion of population. Since the mass tort claims collectively involve a large population, so generally they are sometimes dealt under the class action lawsuits. The Mass Tort Made Perfect is directly associated with the promotion of the current and most important mass tort lawsuits. The plaintiff attorneys are delivered with intellectual concepts and in-depth knowledge regarding the mass tort lawsuits, enabling them to develop professional insight.

MTMP—providing a better vision for dealing mass tort plaintiff claims

It is a proven fact that MTMP is launching powerful learning tools for the mass tort plaintiff attorneys. The law firm or the plaintiff attorneys can provide better services to their clients after becoming a part of MTMP.

In-depth professional standards can be practiced by the plaintiff attorneys after attending and becoming a part of MTMP.

MTMP is regarded as a global network of learning covering the rapidly increasing mass tort growing claims and aspects. Great exposure is attained by the attorneys, ultimately leading towards increased clients, enhanced leads and better performance.

The timing, inspection and handling of the mass tort claims on the behalf of the plaintiffs can be definitely made better by becoming a part of MTMP.