Concrete resurfacing is a process that involves application of polymer on the top of your existing or new concrete floor to make it a better surface that is more durable and wear resistant. There are various other options available for your final surface finish that can extend the life of your existing floor. Then the polymer particles are available in different sizes depending upon your requirement of texture and colour. You have to hire a reliable concrete renovation flooring company that can complete this work in a better way, giving you a better surface preparation and output as desired.

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Steps that are involved

There are various steps involved in providing you a better coloured and textured surface. First, you have to choose if you want to repair your existing surface or you want to build a new one. Then, with the help of some skilled service men you can have this job done perfectly. It is always better to have an initial survey done for your existing concrete floor so as to get an estimate of budget for the entire process.

Now surface preparation is done and any kind of crack or deformation is identified as it is necessary to have a perfectly prepared surface before you apply any coating or colour on top of it. Epoxy can also be used to repair any kind of surface damage either into the cracks or for levelling the surface. Then it is cleaned properly and a primary coating is applied so as to get a base built up for final designing and texture. The coat is applied evenly using a tool whose surface area can be adjusted according to the requirement. Then it is allowed to dry for some time and then it is cleaned again and any impurity or dust is removed so as to apply the final coating. You will need a reliable company to get all these things done. You can go through BrownBook to get details regarding this.

A powder is mixed with the liquid polymer and is applied on to a surface to get the desired coloured surface. There are various designs and textures available for your final surface. The size of your polymer varies according to the desired texture of your flooring. You can either go for a single colour, graphics, designs, stencils or any other designs. Final coat is applied and any required designing is done to get you a final finished flooring as per your request. So get your old concrete flooring built up in an entirely new form of flooring and get yourself a new experience.