Portable Shelters Usual Applications

The general applications for these shelters are storage, temporary home, vehicle garage, medical care area, outdoor events (weddings, parties, garage sale, businesses & etc.).  You can agree that these shelters offer protection to people, animals, property and equipment.


If you have plenty of things that will not fit properly in your garage or extra storage space, then it will be a good time to invest on this kind of shelter for storage use.  The said shelter will provide a secure place to stock up all of them.

Temporary Home

 A temporary home is one of the common uses of this shelter.  It provides safety, reliability and security for your important things.  It is easy to set up, practical and affordable.  It can even provide a place for relaxation.  It can also serve as an extra bedroom for your visitors and their pets if needed or can be your space during home renovations.

Vehicle Garage

You need not worry about the extreme summer heat and heavy rains because these shelters can provide a sufficient shelter for a motorcycle, truck, car or boat.  Purchasing a transferable shelter guarantees the protection of your investment because it is practical, affordable and reliable.  More importantly, it also protects from theft.

Medical Care Area

In an event of a calamity these shelters can provide an emergency medical care area.  In emergencies, they can be used to care for patients.  Medical clinics find them very useful to conduct temporary screenings.  Rescue teams, doctors, nurses and other medical personnel can use these shelters to protect them from the climate and create a safer place for health check and medication.  These shelters are movable and can be easily relocated to other areas as needed.

Outdoor Events

Whatever outdoor event or activity you have in mind like parties, weddings, garage sale, small exhibits and even funerals, these shelters are important because it can protect you and your visitors from any harsh weather condition.  You and your guests can socialize, relax, eat and drink.  It provides a lot of safe space for you and your guests, chairs and tables, food items, equipment and vehicles during the event.

These shelters are cost efficient, practical, lightweight, durable, classy and movable.  It offers no obstacles compared to other shelters while providing you additional space

Whatever your needs are in model, specs or budget, portable shelters can meet your demands.