The Positve Ray Of Hope And Faith Provided By Celtic Cross

There are a number of beliefs behind the Celtic cross. The basic cross is different from the Celtic cross as the Celtic cross has a circular ring at the meeting point of the arms of a cross which is not present in the traditional crosses. This symbol is common and seen to be worn around as an accessory around the neck in the form of a Celtic cross necklace. This form of cross is said to be originated in the Gaelic Island of Ireland but they were also introduced by the Christian missionaries of Ireland to various other places like Wales, Scotland and some parts of England most probably.

There is a popular myth and belief that St Patrick had himself designed the Celtic cross as he joined a normal traditional Christian cross sign along with the sign of sun. This turned out to be as an important ancient symbol for many people who followed Christianity in Ireland. There are generally three kinds of designs of Celtic cross of Ireland origin: the early Iron Age cross based on the Celtic culture, the cross based on scriptures and a combination of the above two types of designs.

The historical reference

This cross is a creative wealth of Catholic Churches. Earlier during the medieval times, this Irish originated symbol was brought to use as a public tombstone or a memorial. When the Celtic crosses struck a spiritual holy place for everyone, they normally had a stem that was longer than the normal crosses, hence known as Irish crosses. This figure is popularly used on the headstones or maybe during the making of funerary monuments. But, it also became a representation of strength, power and national pride with which people started loving to get identified. There are many organizations that use this symbol as their prime logo in order to reflect the respect for their Irish culture and heritage. Hence, people started using it in other forms as well like tattoos, t-shirts, and most importantly and commonly in the form of jewellery like a neckpiece. This practice is still in use.

The circular ring in the Celtic cross stands for endless love of God and eternity. This is also a saying that the leaders of missionaries and church of Ireland in the ancient ages considered it an important and necessary sign to be carried for people who wanted to convert into Christianity from a heathen. It is a representation of the Last Supper and Christ’s Crucifixion and is said to provide positive energy and courage when people get afraid and low at some point of time in their lives. Hence, this symbol in the form of a necklace (available in various designs and patterns) is common among people (both men and women) to be worn as a memorable piece that they can carry along with themselves all the time.