Why I Prefer Bunk Beds For My Kids Rather Than Twin Beds?

Bunk beds are not a new concept and have been in use since centuries and I like to keep them in my place since I often feel shortage of space in my house and do not really like the idea of asking the kids to share their space when one of their uncles come to visit them as every kid has its own space. Some of reasons why I like these are;

Perfect utilization of space:

The bunk beds are normally stacked on top of the other and thus it gives you enough space for making 2 children sleeping comfortably in a space which is normally occupied by a single bed on the floor. This is particularly useful when you have many kids but a small house and you do not want to make your kids share the bed and want to give them the flexibility to have a bed they can call their own.

4-Bunk-beds.jpeg (700×469)

Lasting for many years:

For people who have kids less than 5 year of age, they can get quality bunk beds in the house made of great materials such as wood as many bunk beds with stairs nowadays are coming in the market which are of great quality to last many years up to even the college years and if you are careful in selecting bunk beds from the beginning, you might want to get the ones on which even teenagers can easily sleep as per the size is concerned.

Saving money:

Twin beds nowadays cost a lot since they are larger in size and occupy more ground floor space whereas since bunk beds do not occupy much space and can be conveniently set up on one side of a wall, thus they do not cost much. Thus for your 2 kids, a bunk bed with 2 beds is less costly than buying 2 twin beds and thus it is better to save money and thus get the bunk beds.

Comfort level is really high:

There are many myths about bunk beds not being uncomfortable and this is not true since if proper consideration is given to mattress selection for the bunk beds, they can be more comfortable than the twin beds allowing the kids to take their own sleeping position along with the comfort of wal on one side making sure that the kids have support.