Would Proposed Decriminalization Of Marijuana Promote Drug Use In And Around The City Of Joliet

Marijuana Use and Abuse: What is Really Going on with this Substance

Marijuana is probably the most controversial and the most argued drug that there is in the United States. Although many individuals think it is okay to abuse marijuana, this isn’t true and these individuals should immediately be referred to a drug rehab Joliet for advice. So much difference of opinion exists when it comes to marijuana.  The fact of the matter is though that there are some very key issues about marijuana that not very many people know.  For example:

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Though it actually rarely registers much concern amongst modern day affairs in the United States, marijuana abuse is a particularly dangerous issue in the nation.  One of the by far most critical areas of this issue is that of driving while under the influence of marijuana.  Columbia University researchers and surveyors performing an impressive toxicology examination of nearly twenty-four thousand driving fatalities.  From this same study, it was concluded that marijuana contributed to twelve percent of traffic deaths in 2010, a number that has significantly tripled from that of a decade earlier.

Alcohol use and abuse is one of the nation’s greatest underrated and underreported critical issues and potential epidemics by far.  For example, more Americans actually seek out rehabilitation for alcohol addiction than they do for any other type of addiction.  If one were to walk into a treatment center of some kind, he or she would find that just under half of the patients residing there had come in for treatment of alcohol addiction of kind or another.  To give some facts and data on this, it is estimated that more than forty-one percent of treatment admissions of kind or another for addiction in the United States were for alcohol or marijuana abuse, twenty percent of admissions were for heroin addiction treatment, and seventeen percent were for the treatment of synthetic drug abuse and usage.

What Could Happen if Marijuana was Decriminalized

The above facts and statistics are certainly concerning and worrying, but they actually pale in comparison to the reality of what is the biggest issue when it comes to marijuana use and abuse.  This is speaking of course of the simple fact that marijuana is the number one gateway drug in the entire nation.  When people abuse marijuana, they often go on to abuse other drugs too.  This is damaging and dangerous to say the least of course. The city of Joliet is hoping to decrease the amount of marijuana users with the drug rehab in Joliet.

This is not to say that everyone who uses and abuses marijuana will go on to use and abuse other types of hard, illegal, street drugs too. In fact, it is highly unlikely that they will, given the percentages.  However, almost everyone who does abuse street drug will admit that marijuana was his or her first drug of choice.

If marijuana is legalized in places like Joliet then certainly a lot more people will start to use it, and some of these individuals will go on to abuse other drugs and that is why you can stop it early by bringing in a marijuana user to the substance addiction Joliet center. Any law that incites others to abuse more drugs is a law that of course should not be passed, hence the reasoning for keeping marijuana, illegal.