Relevant Details To Take Note Of Before Hair Coloring

It cannot be denied that having your hair colored can offer the boost of confidence you need to lift you up. But before going to the salon or buying that hair color kit, find out more about hair coloring in the first place. Learning more about it will ensure that you know what you are about to go through.

Basic Details to Know about

Details like the best flat iron for African American hair can be access through the online world or through magazines. And just like researching for your flat iron should be done thoroughly, so does coloring your hair.

Some of the basic factors you have to consider before choosing the specific hair color to choose are the following:

  • Color of your eyes
  • Skin tone
  • Length of your hair
  • Texture of your hair
  • Current season and trends

For example, a woman with black hair green eyes can choose a specific color that will be perfect and emphasize the green of the eyes.

If this is the very first time you are having your hair colored and treated, remember that there is a high probability that the color won’t have much effect on your hair. A virgin hair is healthy and so is also less damage-prone. But having healthy hair could also bring out the color on it better which is why restoring its health after the color treatment is recommended.

Also remember that you might have to visit the salon frequently in order to make the method more effective. This is especially true if you are planning to use a completely new shade.

Damaging Factors Resulting from Hair Coloring

When it comes to coloring your hair, there are several factors that can hurt your hair more that the treatment itself.  Some of which are:

  • Choosing lighter shades. Choosing lighter shades for your hair is more damaging than darker shades since it means using harsh chemicals like bleach and stripping the color out entirely from your hair.
  • Washing and cleansing your hair before hair color treatment. If you wash your hair before coloring your hair, there is a high probability that your scalp will largely burn. Keep the hair as is and let the salon do its magic.
  • Conditioning right after returning home. While you may feel like your hair has been damaged, never condition it right after the treatment. You can condition it after 7 days or more.