Western Wear A Highly Evolving Market In India.

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the woman who wears them will.”

Don’t you think that these days, women are more and more fashion and brand oriented when it comes to clothing or accessorizing. Tata CLiQ luxury site is a place where you can find brands like Hugo Boss, Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani, G-Star Raw, Michael Kors and Coach. You just name it!!

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As there is a major change in the trends of female purchasing power than male in these few years, woman have become more conscious about their outward aspect,  as the major change in living lifestyle of what woman used to wear then and what woman prefer to wear now has drastically changed.

Earlier days if you look at a woman who is working; you’d see her wearing a typical salwar kameez or a saree wrap, no doubt they still wear them and look ravishing. But these days the population of working woman has changed their perspective towards clothing from “being typical to classy” or you can say that “wearing something comfortable, decent and simple.” is what they prefer.

Being a working woman we have always tried to pull out the perfect pair of formal pants along with a formal blouse or a solid color shirt, with a small thin leather belt, a decent bracelet which is not too heavy and jazzy or a long simple chain with a pendent, and a handbag, with flat formal bellies or slip-ons. Now why we’d choose this exact outfit rather than choosing typical salwar kameez and dupatta?Carrying dupatta is like we have kept taking care of that one small piece that doesn’t slips away… Don’t you think this is way too annoying to keep track of where your dupatta is going? It’s like every 10 mins wehave to keep adjusting our dupatta to make sure it’s not dragging on the road or on the floor or it’s not getting dirty and so on…

Whereas, if we wear a comfortable pair of clothes, like pants, shirt or T-shirts or sweatshirts or knitted kurtas!! How easy is that? We don’t have to keep taking care of our pants because we have tagged it along with a belt and we know for sure that it won’t slip away.

Western wear is more of being comfortable. Comfort is when you feel better about what you are wearing! A comfort of carrying a decent outfit boosts confidence because a woman knows that she is looking good and she doesn’t need to adjust anything from her outfit in small intervals. There are so many women who think of wearing western formal wear to office or any formal function as it is easy to carry along and is super comfortable.

Western wear has changed the idea of women dressing themselves with something which is comfortable and easy to carry along. Wide range of different types of designer tops for girl is available on several online luxury shopping stores. These stores have changed our idea of “wejust dressing normal to classy dressing ourselves which is comfortable and easy to carry in its own way.”